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Fitness Boxing Exercises (That You Can Do Anywhere) to Improve Your Boxing Skills

So, having tried fitness boxing, you're now hooked—and good for you! It is, after all, one of the fastest-growing workouts there are.

And no wonder, what with the intense, fat-burning exercises and routines designed to build strength and endurance like you never thought you had.

Plus, there is the fun, social atmosphere of fitness boxing, just to make it that much better!

In fact, you love it so much that you probably think about it even while you're not in the gym.

After all, wasn't that you sneaking in a little shadow-boxing session at the office the other day when you THOUGHT no one was looking?

Heh heh, nothing wrong with that!

Here are 6 workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home, while you're on vacation, or even when you THINK no one is watching at the office.

6 Fitness Boxing Exercises You can do Anywhere

1.  Jumping Rope

You want to know the true beauty of this exercise? You don't even need a rope!   Sure, there is nothing wrong with keeping a jump rope on hand for a quick aerobic burst to your day, although you can get the same benefit from jumping in place while miming the circular motion of swinging the rope with your hands—is that beautifully simple, or what?   But, isn't there some way to intensify things?   Yup, there sure is!  

In fact, try grabbing a couple of tins of soup and hold them while miming the rope swing. This will act in the same manner as using a weighted jump rope and will give you some additional fat-burning resistance, along with helping build muscle strength in your shoulders, arms, and wrists.

​2.  Plank your core

One of the most simple, effective and low impact exercises you can do is the plank—although notice no mention of planks being low-intensity?

That is because when performed correctly, planking can bring on the burn like no other exercise--and do so quickly.  
Plus, it is one of the best exercises there are for building a solid core.
And—unlike sit-ups or crunches—planks have minimal risk of back injury.

Even better, they can be done anywhere there is room to be prone on your hands and toes, such as in your work cubicle where you think no one can see you!  And, by doing a basic plank for 30 seconds or longer each day, you can develop a rock-solid core, which is the kind of platform you need for optimum athletic strength, balance, and posture.

By adding any of the many variations--such as side plank, one hand/one leg plank, or even adding a bench or exercise ball for inverted planks--you can achieve a full-core workout which can't be matched.
And, you can do it anywhere!

​3.  Shadow Box

Want to polish your punching form and keep it sharp for the gym? Shadow boxing will not only do that, but with proper intensity, can also burn as much as 400 calories per hour.  Not bad for a little dancing around and jabbing which can be done anywhere, is it?

Plus, there is no limit to how you can structure your shadow boxing rounds. Work on pure function, form and footwork? No problem—call your combos and go through them as many times as you need to get them perfect.

Or, just have fun with it!   Use your imagination to fight a fierce foe who only you can see. Add calorie-burning squats as you duck and uppercut using your quads and glutes, while remembering to tighten your core with each punch you absorb from your "opponent."

Want to REALLY toughen it up?  
Try some wrist and ankle weights, which are a convenient way to add calorie-burning resistance to your session. Just remember not to use the heaviest ones you can. Rather, use ones which still allow you to maintain correct form, so that you don't end up altering your mechanics or resorting to bad habits. 

​4.  Sprawl

AKA "boxer's burpees," sprawl is a move used in the ring to avoid being taken down by an opponent. It involves dropping to the mat in a wide-legged plank position, before pushing back up into a fighter's stance and ready to go again, and then repeated.

Either do sets of these as part of a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout or mix them in with your shadow boxing sessions for some added intensity, core strength, and aerobic punch.

​5.  Mountain Climber

One more move to add to your home workout is the mountain climber, which begins from a plank position, but has you moving your legs like a sprinter trying to get out of imaginary starting blocks.
And, as with planks, there are many variations which you can do to create a full-core workout, such as army mountain climbers (AKA crawling), cross-body mountain climbers, or slow-motion mountain climbers.

You can do these on their own or mix them into your shadow boxing sessions for an intense aerobic and full body workout.

​6. Plyo push-ups

Sure, you can do regular push-ups for a convenient and effective upper body and core-strength workout.  Or, you can take it up a notch with plyo push-ups, which are like regular push-ups, just with a "wheelie" at the top.

Basically, you perform a regular push-up, except you explode hard on the way back up to the point that your hands come off the floor. Think of it as though you are trying to throw yourself from a prone position to an upright standing position using only your arms.

And, you can combine these with mountain climbers, sprawls and shadow boxing, for strength, endurance and conditioning like you used to think you needed the gym for. 

Stay Fit and Improve Your Boxing Skills

Polish your form, burn fat, and build your endurance.Come into our class with fitness and confidence to take it to the next level.

It just so happens that nobody is watching right now, so duck down into your cubicle for a quick round of planks and mountain climbers, and perhaps even some shadow boxing, just to make sure the juices are flowing.

In fact, so what if anyone is watching? Just do it!

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