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Why Fitness Boxing for Women is Right for You

While their chosen professions are seemingly worlds apart, female boxing legend Laila Ali and Victoria Secret supermodel Adriana Lima have a lot in common. They are both stunningly beautiful, elegantly poised, healthy, and graceful—and both partake in women's fitness boxing workouts.

But fitness boxing? Really? But isn't that at the—ahem—more macho end of things?

While yes, it may be true that the sport of boxing is quite manly, training to box is something which can be enjoyed by all—be they prize-fighter, fashion model, housewife, college student, or anyone else in search of the best workout.

Let's take Laila Ali and her 24 – 0 professional fight record, for instance. Yes, she is retired from boxing, and is now a mother, culinary enthusiast, children's advocate, fitness expert, actor, and CEO of her beauty and lifestyle brand. She is also glowingly attractive, and "professional model" could easily make her list of accomplishments, were she so inclined.

However, her healthy aura may have more to do with the fitness boxing workouts she continues to utilize than it does the tasty, healthy foods she is so enthusiastic in preparing.

In fact, the same boxing workouts which helped her become one of the most ferociously competitive fighters in history--male or female--also helps her maintain her stunning grace and beauty today. 

 It's About Fitness—and Lifestyle

So, let's look at why fitness boxing should be on your radar as one of the most physically complete and beneficial workout there are.

And no, don't worry—you won't need to be beaten up or beat up others to take advantage of what is not just a great way to stay fit, but for a growing number of women, a lifestyle.

But Why Fitness Boxing for Women?

It is the need for fighters to train for a combination of strength, speed, and endurance which makes fitness boxing for women the ultimate workout.

And, the combination of bag work, shadow boxing, core strength workouts and LOTS of calorie-torching HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) not only delivers a full body workout second to none, but is never dull or one-dimensional.

So much so, in fact, that you may just forget about other workouts and the oh-so-boring rut they always seem to end up in!

An Age-Old Workout

Fitness boxing can hardly be called the latest fad workout, despite its current rise in popularity. This is because boxing has been an Olympic sport since around 688 BC, and likely goes back even further to whenever someone added rules to fist-fighting and dubbed it a "sport."

And likewise, the need to train to be stronger, faster and have more endurance than one's opponent has been around for nearly as long.

However, the benefits of women's fitness boxing may have been hidden under boxing's macho exterior up to this point. Fortunately, this has changed, due not only to women such as Laila Ali bringing legitimacy to the sport of women's boxing, but to women such as Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima's use of women's fitness boxing as part of her daily regiment to stay at the top of the modelling profession.

And you too can take advantage of the wealth of benefits women's fitness boxing can provide, including:

  • Calorie and Fat Burn – The nature of HIIT is for short periods of intense effort to be followed by slightly longer periods of active recovery. This is arguably the fastest way to burn fat, since going "into the red" during the intense parts utilizes fast twitch (anaerobic) muscles, while backing off for the active recovery parts allows slow twitch (aerobic) muscles to continue firing. This creates a constant workload for your energy system, which requires extra fuel (i.e. FAT) to keep up with. The truly amazing part? Your body continues to burn extra calories for hours after your workout—even as you sit before the telly, relaxing with your favourite beverage. Really now, how does it get any better than that?
  • Mental Wellbeing – Let's face it—we all have stress, which is just one of the driving forces behind our need to exercise. Not only does fitness boxing provide those oh-so-relaxing post-workout endorphins, it is also a fantastic way to get rid of any pent-up aggressions which the rat-race may be providing. After all, what could be more satisfying than pretending that a punching bag is that jerk who cut in front of you in the coffee line this morning? No worries, stress-level back to nil—done!
  • Rock Hard Abs – Boxing requires a wicked-strong core, which women's fitness boxing workouts will deliver (with some effort on your part, of course). Since boxers need to constantly rotate their hips, duck, lunge, and take punches, core strength is a big key to their success, making it a major focus in boxing workouts.
  • Increased Confidence – You know those endorphins which make tolerating your overly-talkative seat-mate on the bus ride home so much easier? They are also a source of cool, calm confidence—the kind which removes the panic from any situation. Add to this improved posture from a strong core, and the healthy, attractive glow from increased fitness, and there is no stopping you. You go girl!
  • It's NEVER Boring – One of the hardest parts of maintaining a fitness routine is in keeping the ROUTINE from becoming a RUT. Yes, we all know the feeling of NEEDING to work out, as opposed to WANTING to work out, and by signing up at a women's fitness boxing gym, you will no longer have the dull experience of watching the timer on the treadmill slowly creep along. Since women's fitness boxing workouts are made up of many different exercises, there is always something fresh to captivate your attention.

No, fitness boxing workouts are not just for supermodels and pro athletes, and you too can enjoy the many benefits they provide. By making women's fitness boxing workouts part of your lifestyle, you can be whatever you want to be—especially if you want to be tremendously fit, healthy, and beautiful.

See you at the gym!

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